Style me up

Yadira's Brochure2

Here is a brochure I created using Adobe. Read below to find your style.

Know style.

It’s an expression of who you are, how you feel, or of what your interests are. You can be really slick in an all white or black outfit, bubbly in a bright and colorful outfit, rebellious in a 90’s grunge or boho chic in crochet lace and gladiators. Or all in one, I mean there so many styles out there and to make style yours, you have to find the pieces you feel great in.

Make it your own.

Fashion is everywhere. It’s what designers put out in their collections. A blazer, a button up, a skirt, or jeans.. these are everywhere and are probably pieces most people own but what makes it personal is how people decide to wear them. Maybe you roll up the sleeves of your blazer, pair it torn jeans and pair it with pumps. Or maybe you pair your blazer with a tee and some shorts and wedges. It’s all about personalizing it. How will you wear it?


There are millions of styles out there. Try them. Life is too short to wonder if things will look good on you. You don’t know till you try. Ask yourself… do I feel good? Does this compliment me? Do I feel confident? By doing this you’ll begin to find what silouettes best compliment your body.

Find Inspiration.

You can do this just about anywhere. From the streets, to magazines, social media and did I mention..Pinterest. Start a pin style board!  Pin anything and everything you love.

Shopping Guidelines.

Refer to your inspirations for your next thing to buy list. And really create a list of things you want while being specific. You’ll find that this helps you save money and spend it on things your actually looking for.

Organize Regularly.

Review what items you have in your closet regularly. This way you know what you already have and know things that you’d like to buy next.

I hope these tips help you have fun discovering your your personal style.