Football Fiesta

Life is a big party isn’t it. I’m walking down memory lane to about a year ago. I love to put together a great event that brings together  the people we enjoy most. I’m a sucker for decorating and a bigger sucker for sticking to a theme. Here are some pictures of my husbands 26th surprise Forty Niner birthday party.
DSC_1673I really wanted to do a rustic 49er football theme party for my hubby because I knew his love for his favorite team and love for rustic old finds. I set the main cake table with turf and topped it off with chalkboard signs and a DIY old wooden scoreboard. This is where his jersey cake and helmet went. Which I adored. I had Cici Bon Bakery bake me this delicious cake and decorate it with
a personalized jersey with my husbands last name and age as his number.


I also had his football cupcake team mates join the party. Let me tell you, they were not only cute, they were delicious. I added hints of football memorabilia on there to top it off.


Oh, and how could I forget, the ticket to his super amazing football ticket invitations that he loved. DSC_1670

Let me tell you I had so much fun planning and prepping for this party. Once everything was set and decorated, my soul was content. Mainly because everything I had envisioned this party to look like had come alive. DSC_1674DSC_1671

Here’s a picture of me and my happy hubby.