Tips To Tidy A Closet


Spring has arrived and I’m so ready for my closet detox. I find that keeping my closet seasonal really helps me keep a nice and tidy closet. Doing so in the Winter/Fall and Spring/Summer really gives me a time to thouroughly go through each item and really contimplate whether I love it, hate it or simply don’t care for it. Life is to short to wear things you don’t love or you don’t feel good in.

IMG_4886Here are some tips to tidy up your wardrobe for the spring season.

Tip #1 -Get good and matching hangers. I find that when your hangers match it completely makes your closet look neater almost instantly. I personally love the velvet ones. They keep your clothes tidy and are thin and compact which works well when you need space. They are affordable as well. I bought mine at Costco. I believe it was a 50 pack for about $10.

Tip#3- Start your sort section by section. First, pull out everything you absolutely love. Pull out the items you wear the most. Everything left in your closet is negotiable.

Tip#4- When pulling out each piece of clothing ask yourself these important questions: Do I love it? Does it fit? Is it flattering? Does it fit the style I’m going for?

Tip #5-Take out anything that doesn’t fit. Whether it needs to be altered, donated or discarded. If your going to alter it, ask yourself, am I really going to alter it? Anything that you have plans to fit into someday, put it away in storage.

Tip#6-Pull out your turtle necks, wool, and fur anything! Store these items in a storage box or a vacuum sealed bag.

Tip #7-When your arranging your clothes. Hang anything that’s likely to wrinkle.

Tp#8- Group your clothing by item ( tanks, tees, blouses, button down shirts,  sweaters, etc.) I also like to group by color, aways from white to black. This makes it easier to find things when I’m getting dressed.

Tip#9- Fold cotton tees, hoodies or pullovers, sportswear, leggings, jeans and any other casual pant.

I’ve parted with so much over the years and I can honestly say I never gotten rid of something and missed it. So if your asking, do I want it? I would say let it go, chances are you probably don’t. It can be a difficult task to go through all of your things and get rid of things but I hope you found these tips helpful and inspiring.  Thank you for reading, I hope you have a great day!