Revitalizing Night

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Hey everyone, so to continue on this conversation about skin, I’d like to add that I am a habitual user of makeup. It’s no secret that I love wearing make up all the time, but I never ever ever sleep with my make up. It’s a huge no no because it’s the quickest way to get wrinkles. And even if I’ve gone through the day without wearing make up , no matter how sleepy or tired I am, I always make sure to wash my face. It’s important to remember that my face has seen the world in its entirety, with all the dirt and oils and I don’t want that anywhere near my pillow.

Secrets to beautiful skin: For night time I like to use make up removing towel from Neutrogena to wipe off all my make up. I really like these towels because they do a great job at taking off everything, from red lipstick to your blackest mascara and eyeliner. I then apply my Boscia Clear Complexion Cleanser and really lather it in circular motions to really go in and take off any product that was left behind from my make up towels and this step really helps cleanse the face. After I take  a cotton pad and toner to remove any excess dirt or oil and this just really helps prep my skin to absorb any moisturizer or serum that’s going to go on after. At night time I feel that it’s very important to replenish the skin with a good moisturizer or oils. At night your skin does a lot of work while your asleep, so I like to make sure and use products that are deeper penetrating and lately I’ve been using Josie Maran 100% Argan Oil. It really makes a difference on your skin and you’ll notice it right away in the morning.

We are all aging everyday and beautiful skin is a sign of good health!  I would advise everyone to really get into the routine of pampering your skin on a daily basis. And there are so many good products on the market, it really is going to depend on what works for your skin. When you do find what works I suggest you stick to it.