Berry Bronze

Screen Shot 2016-03-29 at 9.30.58 PMOne of my favorite parts of dressing up for a night out is playing with make up! Copper eyes and dark berry lips is definitely one of my all time favorite go-to looks. I really wanted to take advantage of winter and use my dark lippies before the season changed. And being it being the last month of winter I thought this was the perfect opportunity. 

For this look I did a heavily contoured and highlighted base on the skin because lets face it, any excuse to go pack on the make up, I’ll take it! I defined my eyebrows with concealer to clean up any mistakes because yes, unfortunately I wasn’t blessed with a natural full brow so I have to fill them in everyday. Bummer right?   I skipped on the liner and used long thick false lashes. For the eyeshadow, I went highlighted the inner corners and went light  on the inner lid. On the outer corners I softened the look by going with a base color with a tint of orange and then layered by using orange/copper tones over using windshield whipper motions that fade into the outer corners. 

I’m holding on to this dark berry lip for as long as I can. It’s a great go-to color if your looking for a dramatic look.